About Korean Melons (chamae)

Korean Melons are wildly popular in Korea and consumed with gusto and nostalgia by many Koreans living in the US. Called chamae in Korean, this fruit tastes like is a slightly firmer version of cantaloupe. Its flesh is pale, sweet and juicy.
This wonderful fruit is grown with heavenly success in California's Central Valley by JH Farms. Many Korean Americans have remarked that JH Farms' "California chamae" taste even better than the chamae from Korea. Such is the sun-drenched fertility of the Central Valley and the dedication of JH Farms to providing the best Asian produce in the US.


How to Eat a Korean Melon

Korean Melon can be served after a meal, as a snack, or as a substitute ingredient for almost any dish that calls for cantaloupe or honeydew melon. But the best way to enjoy cold Korean Melon is also the most simple:

1. Cut off the ends

2. Skin the melon with a knife or carrot peeler

3. Cut in half and scoop out the seeds (or you may serve with seeds - they're sweet and edible)

4. Cut into in long slices and serve or cut into cubes and serve with toothpicks. On a summer day, nothing could be more refreshing and delicious!


Contact Us

JH Farms is a success story built on hard work and dedication to quality. Founded by a family that emigrated to California in the 1970s, JH Farms now grows and distributes fruit throughout North America. Please contact us to begin stocking your store with our delicious fruits and vegetables. Please call Han-Pyung Joo at (760) 743-6234. Or email us at hpyung2000@yahoo.com

Korean Melons: American grown by JH Farms